Surrogate, The Americas, Ghostnote at Cafe Coda, September 7th

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Surrogate & The Americas at Cafe Coda Chico


So after a summer spent sitting around and taking bar exams (alright…that was just me) we’re finally getting off our asses and playing a show. Two weeks from Saturday, at Coda, with OLD school homies The Americas (featuring Casey from The Velvet Teen and Peace’d Out aka the greatest drumming human being in the history of drumming humans) and new band of old dudes Ghostnote from Sacramento (which includes two of the most fame stacked former residents of Redding, CA, Mssrs. Zach Ahern and Noah Prado). Speaking of great drumming human beings, manning the kit for us at this show will be our friend Jack from The Shimmies, who is at this very moment (we hope) studying our freshest jams diligently. Will you be there? For us? When we need you? Prove it. ON FACEBOOK.

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