Surrogate + Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy December 14th at The Maltese

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Surrogate Maltese Show Poster

We would be remiss, letting go of a year like 2013 – a year in in which, among other things we put out an album, some of us got married, some of us did some other cool shit – without squeezing in one last show. To that end: Saturday December 14th at The Maltese, join us in getting fully into the holiday spirit by donating canned goods full of delicious liquid to your mouth. We will be joined by our youthful friends Touch Fuzzy Get Dizzy, the latest and greatest Chico heavy supergroup featuring Kirk from Armed For Apocalypse, Adrian from Cold Blue Mountain, Matt from Into the Open Earth and Jack from The Shimmies (who will also be playing drums for us). All around, this show RIYL: decent tunes, decent dudes, decent drinks, descent into madness and thee scent of victory.

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